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Alika X (founded in 2016) is a UK based startup which creates unique and fun games for the mobile world. After releasing their first game - kalea x - in 2017, which was featured by Google as part of their Android Experiments and showcased at Google I/O 2019, they have now released their second game: Painting with Cats. Alika X continuously aims to come up with fresh ideas and an innovative, fun and lighthearted twist on their products. Their apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.


kalea x

  • kalea x is a minimalistic, colorful and exciting multi-level 3D puzzle game where the player throws paintballs at an invisible 3D object until they can guess what it is. 

  • Price: Free

  • Where to download: Google Play

  • USP: Minimalistic design, beautiful digital art integrated in an innovative puzzle game

  • Gist: Solving 3D puzzles

Painting with Cats

  • Painting with Cats is a fun, casual game in which you can throw a range of objects at politicians and public figures for the sole purpose of entertainment.

  • Price: Free 

  • Where to download: App Store and Google Play

  • USP: If you find joy in pointless fun and in throwing things at politicians, this app is for you.

  • Gist: Pointless fun & humor

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kalea x

Painting with Cats


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